” Định Hình Tiếng Anh Là Gì ? Nghĩa Của Từ Tự Định Hình Trong Tiếng Anh myphamhera

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Five organic components and the presence of amorphous organic matter were taken into account in the palynofacies analysis.
Ignoring them simply means that the unfolding of the composed space will be either haphazard or, at worst, amorphous.
Some fibres contain pleomorphic hyaline, granular and amorphous deposits, ranging from red-blue to dark blue in trichrome stain.
Judges" and lawyers" attempts to inject other amorphous catch-phrases into the "reasonable doubt" standard, such as "matter of the highest importance," only muddy the water.
This certainly was the most effective act of transgression which made amorphous the distinction between the performers and spectators!
They often contain swelling structures of the membranes, amorphous matter and dark osmophilic granules.
By any standard, political culture is a large and amorphous object of research, and one unlikely to be discovered by a single " snapshot " survey.
Embedded in the amorphous masses of the project was a bus station with services and worker accommodation.

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It does not mean aggregate utility or the "best for the most" but the interests of an amorphous, sometimes indistinctly defined, nearly primordial entity.
On the loss of water, sucrose and certain oligosaccharides or galactosyl cyclitols form high-viscosity, amorphous, super-saturated solutions.
As mentioned before, we do not consider the construction of amorphous slices; otherwise, partial evaluation could straightforwardly be seen as a slicing technique.
The lymph fluid comprised an amorphous, proteinaceous lipid-rich matrix, containing nuclei, complexes of endoplasmic reticulum and variously sized granules.
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